A Hidden Gem - Prague

Decisive Moments in Barcelona

Livable Berlin

London, a city which is constantly changing and evolving, where the past and present meet, and home to a diverse range of cultures, is, what I call, a photographer’s paradise. 

One aspect to look at when it comes to street photography in London is the massive amount of tourists and their own unique look you can profit from as a photographer. 


Prague is a city full of history and culture. It is also a city full of life and energy. Prague’s street photography captures all of these elements. From the old buildings to the young people on the streets, there is always something new to discover.

Barcelona is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city with a rich history and culture, making it a perfect destination for street photography. The city’s streets are full of life, from the bustling Gothic Quarter to the trendy Barceloneta neighborhood. There are always people to photograph, from locals going about their daily lives to tourists exploring the city’s many attractions.

One of the best things about street photography in Berlin is the diversity of people. People from all over the world live in Berlin, and this is reflected in the diversity of street scenes. You can photograph people from all social classes and from all walks of life.

Another feature of Berlin is the architecture. Berlin is a city with a rich history, and this is also reflected in its buildings. You can photograph buildings from Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Art Nouveau.